From the pool of submissions, projects will be selected to present at the final event. From these chosen projects, the top three will receive the following awards:

First Place – $20,000

Second Place – $15,000

Third Place – $10,000

Finalists MUST complete the UVA Cup Launch! Finalists Payments Sign-off Form_2017-18!

A one-of-a-kind bronze trophy was designed and created at UVA in the first year of the competition (2009), through collaboration between Entrepreneurship_Trophy_05HR_DA (00000002)engineering and the arts (sculpture). This trophy sits in the school of the winning team for a year and is passed forward annually following the event.

The winners of the Launch! Competition MUST be incorporated to receive funds. Winners have up to one year to claim the funds. The UVA Entrepreneurship Group has various resources to help incorporate your project and provide any legal advice. Please, contact us for assistance.